Math Analogy


Critical Thinking Co. is a US based company that produces books and software for children of Grades PreK to 12+. They have 100+ Award winning books and software. Their products make the children better problem solver.

Math Analogy is a book to evaluate the child's ability to reason analogically(reasoning used to identify, evaluate, and solve an analogy). Children hardly like reading books. It must be fun for them anything they do and a game is the first choice. So, the idea that converting a book to an exciting game can solve the purpose to a great extent. It excites the parents too as their kids learn in their ignorance and the purpose is very well solved.

This inspired Critical Thinking Co. to make an interesting game application to make learning fun and approached us with their idea.

What we did?

We turned Math analogy book into an interesting game application following the standards identified by the National Council of Teaching Mathematics. Different versions were developed to be supported on commonly used devices including the mobile platforms. Students can play it on desktop, tablets and smart phones. To further increase the reach a SCORM compliant web version was developed that enabled it to run on any LMS.

Technology Used

  •    .NET
  •    Sencha
  •    WPF

They are more than a development shop, they are a partner we turn to when we need direction from anything including usability, ad serving, or scalability.

Michael Baker

The Critical Thinking Co.