Odisha Tv


Odisha TV is a regional Oriya language Indian cable television station. It is the flagship channel of the Bhubaneswar-based Orissa Television Network. Launched in 1997 in the twin cities of Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack, and slowly spread to all major towns of the state. Then it became the premier source of news, current affairs and entertainment for the people of Odisha. It is most viewed Oriya TV channel in the world.

The website OTV had was a pretty old one and with each day number of visitors were growing. It was time for OTV to scale up and keep up to the pace of the growing needs of the consumers. In 2013 they decided to revamp news portal.

What we did

The editorial team of OTV never used a CMS to post articles. So they wanted a simple editor with a custom UI to post articles. At the same time categorisation of news, streaming of live TV and moderation of comments on the website was very important. We also had a strict deadline to meet. There were several rounds of discussion it was decided that the news portal would be developed using wordpress.

In addition to the speed-to-market reasons for using WordPress, the ease-of-use of the interface is also critical for their publication. Wordpress provided flexibility. User roles can be created which means content can be published faster and editorial workflows are optimized. As OTV expands its newsroom and sites, they are working with a greater number of collaborators to cover all the local markets, subjects, and real-time news. Using WordPress means they can work with collaborators without time-consuming and expensive CMS training to get them up to speed.

Technology Used

  •    Wordpress
  •    MySql
  •    JavaScript
  •    AJAX
  •    JSON
  •    Compass

Ajatus demonstrated expert knowledge of Usability, Interface design and Wordpress hacking.

Bishwa Bhusan Dash

Head of Digital Marketing & VAS, Odisha TV