Private Properties


Founded in 2012 , Private Properties offers guests a simplify booking process when renting luxury vacation rentals from around the world. Each Client can locate, rent and enjoy the finest real estate on the planet and experience some of the world’s most beautiful destinations from the lap of total luxury.

The idea was to build a platform that both easy to use and informative to discover the perfect vacation and renting through Private Properties as Booking Platform.

What we did

Private Properties was a kind of web application and has features which we had never done before, so we took it as a challenge. The feature were complex and the application was to compatible with some popular browsers and responsive as well. In Private Properties user can discover their ultimate dream vacation, compare and book their selected luxury rental through an easy and care free process. We understand that booking both short and long term vacations can be a tedious task, which is why we have developed this user friendly platform, which will guide users through their booking process with ease and transparency. Once a user has located their perfect property, they can go through the booking process.

To manage all these things , 3 Level of Managers (Regional , Platform and Master Agent ) operate at the backend . A Regional Agent is responsible for the property management on the website while A Platform Agent is responsible for managing the Regional ones , bookings and client conversations with Regional Agents etc. A Master Agent handles all type of users and enjoys a very important role in booking, payments, user addition, property approval process. This level of Manager can generate performance reports for Platform as well as Regional Agent.

Technology Used

  •    CodeIgniter
  •    PHP
  •    MySql
  •    JavaScript
  •    Ajax

Since the launch of the new branding, Private Properties has enjoyed a positive increase in all areas , from Usability to hassle-free Booking Process.

Till Pirnay

CEO / Partner
Private Properties