SLBC Online Data Entry System


UCO Bank, Circle Office, Bhubaneswar was assigned the responsibility for managing SLBC statement of all banks throughout Orissa.

This is a quarterly process where SLBC needed to send hard copies to each of the 43 bank's head quarters. After that all banks were filling the 12 page statement copy with the summary of their progress and returning those to SLBC department. Next, SLBC was compiling the data gathered from every bank to an understandable report format.

The task was cumbersome as there were more than 35 reports to be compiled. Those reports are the result of numerous calculations with data taken from different tables and was whole together a tiring process. They were searching for a way to make things automated.

What we did?

Ajatus Software Pvt Ltd. Pvt Ltd. came out with a nice solution for them. A web portal was created for all the banks to make their data entries. The need to send the statements in hardcopy form was completely abolished. Just SLBC need to send a mail to all the banks about the start of the data entry process and it's done on their part. Now all the banks have a easy interface to fill their progress data in the online forms. They could avoid the manual calculations like percentage, total etc altogether as the fields are auto-calculated by the system. It became full proof as it does not allow banks to enter any erroneous data. Once the bank is done with the data entry, he submits it and it is automatically notified to SLBC with the complete data. Now SLBC don't need to collect hardcopies from banks to banks. Once the system has all the data, now the system automatically generates the desired reports as and when required. The tiring report compilation of SLBC was no more needed.

Technology Used

  •    .NET Framework 3.5
  •    Ajax
  •    MS SQL Server 2008
  •    ASP.NET
  •    C#

They are able to anticipate issues beyond existing requirements

Bimal Mohapatra

SLBC Cordinator
UCO Bank