Analytics Platforms

Turning data into knowledge


Did you know? Servers generate a large number of events (i.e. logging,) that contain useful information about their operation including errors, warnings, and users behavior. By default, most servers, store these data in plain text log files on their local file systems. While plain-text logs are accessible and human-readable, they are difficult to use, reference, and analyze without holistic systems for aggregating and storing these data.




Analysing the logs can help you understand your customers better. You can import and analyse your web server logs! Our team of experts not only query and analyze large volumes of heterogeneous structured and unstructured data, but also to give meaning to it, allowing it to become useful and precious information.

What Can We Do ?

We can extract logs from your server to NoSQL databases (such as MOngoDB) and present them in a readable format. You can get real-time analysis on streaming data in order to identify, interpret, give meaning to and manage data selection events. We use varions analytical engines, in order to produce various types of documents, such as charts, reports, thematic maps and cockpits.


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